Thursday, 22 February 2018

Milestone Birthdays

Eden recently celebrated her 18th birthday. I have been making birthday cards for her for a number of years. Some of you may remember this lovely story, when she called me at the tender age of 9 to thank me for making such a great card - and it wasn't even from me! This year Mum gave me various themes for her special card. Eden is interested in cosmetics and special effects makeup, she told me. Her favourite brands are Urban Decay, Lorac and Anastasia. Her boyfriend should also appear somewhere on the card, Mum decided.
I have shown Eden with a mascara wand in one hand and a small mirror in the other. She is surrounded by all her favourite things - some examples of special effects makeup, an eyeshadow palette, a brush and a lipstick, the logos of her favourite cosmetics brands, and her boyfriend is there too! A big number 18 marks her age.
Mum told me that she thought the card was fabulous! If you would like to see just some of Eden's previous birthday cards, please click here, here, and here.
The card above was made for a young lady who was turning 21. Her auntie ordered a special card for her big day. Mac makeup, Zara shopping bags and Kinder chocolate bars were requested. I was also asked to add the hashtag #EA21 in big sparkly letters and numbers. This was apparently the tag used for her 21st birthday celebrations.
Finally, this mum and bubba (the Yiddish phrase for a grandmother) celebrated her 70th birthday. Her daughter asked me to create a card showing curly haired mum in the middle, surrounded by all the things that are important in her life. I included a clipboard and stethoscope to symbolise her career as a doctor. The flags of Australia and Israel illustrate where she lives and where many of her children and grandchildren now live, and the aeroplane represents all the travel she does to see them. The framed photograph is of all her grandchildren. I decorated the card with bright red Anthurium, the birthday girls favourite flower. The big red number 70 shows her age.


Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Today's post has a great collection of cards. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity.

Tamar SB said...

I love how well loved your cards are!!

Sara - Villa Emilia said...

Fabulous cards, all of them. I love especially the makeup theme. :)

VeggieMummy said...

More fantastic cards; no wonder people come back time and time again. xx

Miss Val's Creations said...

They are all fantastic. Such great details!

Debbie Roberts - Debs Random Writings said...

Hi Lisa, how special it is to have a tailor-made card to reflect likes and loves. I have no doubt that Eden has looked after her cards and will enjoy looking back over them one day in the distant future... Is it harder to create a card for an older person considering how much you have to fit in?.


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