Wednesday, 31 March 2021

An 80th Birthday and a Happy Anniversary

Safta (the Hebrew word for Grandmother) was turning 80 but unfortunately it was during Israel's recent lockdown, so the family could not be together to celebrate her big day. Her daughter-in-law therefore asked me to make a special card which she intended to photograph and send to Safta by Whatsapp.
I showed Safta holding a big chocolate cake with the number 80 in candles. She is surrounded by balloons and bunting and I added a few Israeli flags since she and her husband have recently moved here permanently.
Her daughter-in-law said the card was perfect!
Safta and Saba (the Hebrew word for Grandfather) also recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. Their daughter-in-law came back to me once again with a request for another card.
This time I showed the couple on the card. They are enjoying a glass of champagne to celebrate their anniversary. Saba is wearing the pale blue cap that his family says he always wears. In front of them is the opened bottle of champagne and a pink rose.
Despite restrictions, I hope they had a lovely day.

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Thursday, 25 March 2021


Shiraz celebrated her 18th birthday back in January. Her mum told me that she plays the guitar, lives with her earbuds in and reads voraciously. She has been a world traveller since she was a baby, she loves making spaghetti and, finally, that she loves her Blundstones, the boots that all the Israeli kids wear.
I have shown Shiraz playing her black classical guitar. She has white earbuds in her ears. Behind her a globe and an aeroplane represent her passion for travel. A bowl of spaghetti and a small pile of books, representing her love of reading, are to her left. Her Blundstone boots are to her right. I added a big 18 to mark her age.
The Hebrew greeting on the card says ודבר בעתו מה טוב which translates as "and something in its proper time, how good it is". This comes from the pasuk (a verse, usually from Hebrew Bible)
שמחה לאיש במענה פיו ודבר בעתו מה טוב, "A man hath joy in the answer of his mouth; And something in its proper time, how good it is" (Book of Proverbs 15:23)
My customer was delighted with the card:
"Lisa's card for my eldest's 18th birthday was absolutely perfect. I can't recommend these cards enough - we're definitely coming back for more!"
Saturday evening marks the start of Pesach, or Passover, and my family and I will celebrate the Passover Seder. You can read more about it in two of my previous posts here and here. 'Chag Pesach Sameach', a happy Passover festival, to all celebrating.


Monday, 22 March 2021

Biking in the Forest

Boaz was turning 15 and his mum asked me to make him a special card. His three sister's have all received one of my cards over the course of the last year or so, so mum wanted one for him as well. Boaz loves cycling, doing jumps and singletrack trails in the forest. He is also obsessed (mum's words!) with the family dog.
Mum sent me a photo of Boaz on his bike and asked if I could show him "in the air" like in the picture. I copied the pose carefully, adding as much detail as I felt necessary, even down to the Nike Swoosh on his trainers. Mum asked me to include their dog if there was room on the card as well. I have shown him - or her - in the foreground, waiting patiently for Boaz to finish his bike ride.
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Thursday, 18 March 2021

Happy 90th

A customer wrote to tell me that her mum was going to be turning 90! She wanted a beautiful card to mark this very special birthday but could not decide between a design showing her mum, her sons, quilting, books, the radio or Monty the silky black cat!
Since I have already made a card featuring Monty and another showing her mum's love of quilting, I suggested that this time I make a card showing her mum and her sons. My customer sent me a favourite photo of them all together, top, and I recreated it in paper. She asked me to add a big gold 90 to the card as well.
My customer's husband and youngest son, left, came to collect the card and the son was excited to spot himself on the card. Even he agreed that I had successfully captured his likeness!