Tuesday, 22 November 2016

"PAW Patrol is on a roll!"

Young Benjamin recently turned 5. His Mum is diligent about ordering my cards for her children's birthdays, so Benjamin receives one of my customised birthday cards every year, just as his brothers do. Last year Benjamin was getting a trampoline for his birthday, so I showed him jumping on a trampoline on his card. This year Mum told me that he was receiving a new bicycle. I copied the photo she sent me of the bicycle as accurately as I could.
Benjamin is also a fan of the Canadian animated television series PAW Patrol. Honestly I'd never heard of it before (my own kids are way past the cartoons stage) but I soon found some cute images of the six PAW Patrol rescue dogs who work together to protect their community, then added a little white paw print for good measure.
Finally I popped a cycle helmet on Benjamin's head - important if he is going to go riding on his new bicycle - and added a big red number 5 to the card.
A customer asked me for a selection of cards with floral decoration on the front. Thankfully I am kept so busy making my larger customised cards that it has been some time since I made some of these designs on slightly smaller cards. They were fun to make.
Finally, one of my nephews in the UK had a birthday not so long ago. I made him a papercut card, cutting out his initial by hand from white stock then lining the card with a green paper inlay.
I hope he liked it.


riitta k said...

You make so happy cards ❤︎

NC Sue said...

It's nice to see a new face at image-in-ing's weekly linkup!
Happy birthday Benjamin!
Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/11/cana.html

Sara - My Woodland Garden said...

As always, your cards are cheerful and elegant. (I too needed to google PAW Patrol. It looks very cute.)
If I were able to make cards, I would like them to be just like yours. :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

What a cute idea having the annual birthday gift added to the card. I haven't seen PAW Patrol either. There are a couple of feel good shows we enjoy watching with animals. This one sounds right up our alley.

ღ Haal adem! said...
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Jann Olson said...

Your cards are so cute! I am familiar with Paw Patrol. Super job!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

handmade by amalia said...

Another sweet card, Lisa. I hope you're staying put in this wind.

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