Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hair like a brush!

Last week was spent creating boxes full of handmade cards to supply to several stores, but this week I was back working on some custom-made orders. I enjoy making both kinds of cards. I can get lost in the repetitious, yet still very creative nature of making multiple cards of the same design, but also love to get involved in the creation of a one-off customised card.
The card above is for a teenage grandson. I must admit that the description I was given of the boy was not too flattering! His grandma told me that he is a typical teenager who loves music, fashion and has "hair like a brush!". I wasn't too sure how to interpret the hairstyle, whether that meant it was long or short, so I just went for an overall spiky/messy look! This soon-to-be 16 year old will also receive his Teudat Zehut, the Israeli compulsory identity document, so I have shown him holding the card in one hand and a CD in the other.
I was also asked to create some cards for two basketball fans. I hope that these simple, yet effective cards fit the bill.The Hebrew greeting says "Yom Holedet Sameach", Happy Birthday.
Finally, you have seen the various designs below previously, but I thought that the colours looked pretty together. After creating a few male cards it was nice to go back to a palette of pinks and oranges.


Molly said...

Lovely work, Lisa!

Unknown said...

Your cards are great!!

Linda B said...

You've won an award and can pick it up on my blog at


LizzieJane said...

Hair like a brush made me giggle. I think you have done a fine job!.

NaturallyComfy said...

Wow, another award, from me. I love your cards. Check out my blog for award details.

Stacey said...

They're all wonderful--I love your interpretation of "Mr. Brush Head" LOL! Perfect!