Friday, 27 April 2012


This was one of those cards that seemed so simple to create in my head but when the time came to make it, boy did it take a lot of cutting! It was worth all the effort though. It looks exactly as I intended it to!
A friend asked me to make a card for her son's 12th birthday. As we already know, the theme was to be Scrabble (check out the history of the game here) and she already had the idea in her head. Apparently her son is really good at the board game and beats her all the time. It seemed so simple. I just had to look at her attached sketch - ahem, ignoring a bad spelling mistake (giggle!) - and make it real. Of course, cutting out all those little tiles, which had to have rounded corners like the real ones, took me a fair amount of time, and then getting it all to fit in the space correctly took even more time. The board and the black star finished it off nicely and my friend was very happy, even after my teasing complaints about the time it had taken. "Thanks for all the effort you've put into the Scrabble card." she wrote. I really hope her son liked it.
Scrabble, anyone?


Miss Val's Creations said...

Great job! Tiles look just like the game pieces! This reminds me to purchase a Scrabble game. My boyfriend and I have talked about playing it together!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Loved reading your story about Israels' birthday! Thanks for sharing! And I love this card, what a fun idea to make Scrabble words this way on a card!!
Hugs & happy day to you!