Sunday, 23 September 2012

Love Lily

The Bat Mitzvah card above was created after a lot of discussion with my customer. She had a very specific idea in her mind about how the card should look but it was really not suited to my style of work. However, we of course worked it out and I'm pleased to report that she was thrilled with the end result.
The theme of the Bat Mitzvah was "Love Lily". The Bat Mitzvah girl's family had changed the logo of the Victoria Secrets "Pink" logo to feature the young lady's name. My customer - a guest at the celebration - also wanted me to add the dog with three little diamond gems around its collar which featured on the Bat Mitzvah invitation they had received. She requested that the dog was placed inside a striped heart and the whole thing  was decorated with stars, hearts and lots of peace signs. Finally she wanted me to add the words Bat Mitzvah and the number 12 somewhere on the card.
Phew! I think I remembered everything.
This card was rather more straightforward, though of course equally fun to work on. My customer's niece was getting married and she wanted a card for the bride and groom. The bride has just received her PhD from Cambridge University. She grew up in Amsterdam, has visited Israel several times, likes travelling and in the past has taught English in some interesting places. The groom comes from Canada. On top of this my customer wanted the card to show that it came from Israel so, as well as including all the flags of the various countries the couple have lived in, I wrote the greeting “Congratulations Lara and Paul” in  both English and Hebrew.
My customer kindly wrote to tell me that Lara and Paul were delighted with the card I made for them. In addition to all the flags, I showed the bride clutching her newly acquired PhD certificate. The couple are dressed for the wedding and the bride also has a suitcase nearby, covered in stickers from her various travels. I popped a red heart in there too to make it a little bit romantic. It was for a card for a wedding after all!
This last request was for a diamond wedding anniversary. Sam used to be a taxi driver and Valerie worked in a travel agency before they retired. They are both English and are celebrating their anniversary the same year as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I crafted a London black cab to illustrate Sam's profession and an aeroplane and some palm trees to represent Valerie's work in travel. A Union Jack completed the picture, along with a big silver 60, for 60 years of marriage, and some patriotic red, white and blue flowers.


ARTiMAGINE said...

Hey Lisa,

it goes without saying that all the 3 cards are lovely...but i still have my favorite details that i love to pick from your art...
1st) I love the hearts with dog print on the 1st card.

2nd)the PhD certificate and the suitcase in the 2nd one, love how you make things look 3D even though they are made in 2D.

3rd)fell in love with the flowing Britain flag.. unbelievably done....the taxi is also very real looking....

looking forward to your next creation...

Miss Val's Creations said...

These are all so great Lisa! The "pink" card is so fun. The line is very popular with the younger ladies in the U.S. as well. The other custom cards so so fun with all the customized details!!!

Additionsstyle said...

Amazing work as usual Lisa! Each card has it own personality and I am sure the recipients loved their cards.
Everyday Inspired

Rebeccas DIY said...

Tank you for the comment and I am so gladyou liked the lantern:)