Sunday, 25 January 2015


The very first blog post that I wrote about my youngest son was when he was celebrating his sixth birthday. Back then he was into all things scary, and was dressed as Dracula on his birthday card. Now he's twelve and he really wants a dog. His interests - and my style - have evolved over the years, but also much remains the same. He was once into Tae Kwon Do, now he practises Krav Maga. He's always been a voracious reader and books have featured on almost all of his birthday cards, along with pencils and drawing materials, and recently Nerf bullets too. This year's card also featured many of those items.
I have shown my son hugging a cute dog. We don't actually have a dog, so this one was not modelled on any dog that we know. It's just a dog. He doesn't care anymore what type of dog we get. HE JUST WANTS A DOG! Behind him is his new MGP Pro Scooter. This scooter is going to enable him to do all kinds of acrobatic scooters moves. Apparently. A pile of books had to feature on the card, as did the obligatory pencils and Nerf bullets as well. Gadi is dressed in his blue Krav Maga trousers and white t-shirt. He is barefoot, as he is when he practises Krav Maga, but then he is almost always barefoot anyway. Brrrr!
Some time ago I developed an interest in papercutting and my creative son enjoys it too. We often look at papercutting websites together and he once spotted this Watership Down papercut and asked whether I could make him one. Now, I know that there are huge copyright issues here, but this is a cut I made just for him, for his bedroom wall, okay? He was very pleased with it. It seems that not only do I now make all the members of my family a special card and cake for their birthdays, but they also want a papercut picture to add to their collection too!
Happy Birthday to my crazy, creative, stubborn, lovable and scary six twelve year old! I am pleased that you enjoyed the trifle and cupcakes I made for your big day. In fact, I think it is fair to say that the rest of the family enjoyed them too!
We got up to something really exciting to mark my son's special day. Just wait till you read about it in a future blog post...


TexWisGirl said...

such a cute boy! i love how you document all his current interests on his cards - like an album all to themselves. :) happy birthday to your growing man!