Monday, 13 July 2015

Yonatan and Ilan

Last year Yonatan favoured his headphones and was into his music. This year he's become passionate about football, in particular PSG, the French club Paris Saint-Germain. His Mum asked me to create a birthday card for him showing his allegiance to the club. I also added a blue football, as per her request, and a big red 12 to show his age. Mum told me that the card was a great success!
Ilan was turning 21 and his Mum was looking for a really special gift for him. We discussed the various options in my shop and she decided that a framed picture for his room would be really nice.
Ilan is a keen West Ham United supporter and also a huge follower of our local Modi’in football club, Ironi Modi'in FC. He plays night cricket, and is currently serving in the Israeli army.
The West Ham shirt I could create quite easily. His army badge and a cricket bat too. However, the local football team turned out to be quite a mystery! Neither Ilan's Mum or I could find Modi'in's emblem on anything! In the end Mum found a T-shirt in her son's wardrobe that the supporters had printed. In the interests of accuracy he is a supporter rather than player, so it was decided that the white shirt would represent his favoured team. I think it's about time that Ironi Modi'in FC got themselves a website sorted out or updated their Facebook page though. Their last update was in 2012!
Ilan was delighted with his picture and immediately hung it on the wall of his room. Apparently he loved all the details on it. Mum felt that it made a very special 21st gift. "Many thanks for everything - your talent is amazing" she wrote. I'm blushing!


Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful work as always. Ilan's card look amazing framed!

The House with the Blue Door said...

What lovely personalised cards, and some very well-deserved praise! Your cards are real keepsakes :)
Cathy x