Sunday, 6 December 2015


These two young ladies both celebrated their 18th birthday on the same date, albeit on different sides of the world! Both of their Mums asked me to create a special birthday card for their big day. For the first card, Ella's, her Mum told me that their dogs Benjie and Rolo are at the are top of her list of interests and simply had to feature on the card. Her other interests include cake baking and decorating (I have seen some of her cakes and they are fab!), the English Premier League football club West Ham United, Facebook, and frogs. Ella is also passionate about the IDF (Israel Defence Forces), so I added their emblem to the card too, along with a big red number 18.
"Ella was thrilled with her card." Mum told me. "Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she  saw her[self] with Benjie and Rolo."

Tali is very interested in Buddhism, so a little Golden Buddha was added to her card. She loves Brandy Melville and Top Shop clothing, and wears lots of jewellery, especially necklaces and rings. She enjoys photography and filmmaking, has a blue Fiat car, loves sushi, oh and the family has a tabby cat too.
I added a big gold 18 to her card, which showed wavy-haired Tali wearing lots of jewellery, surrounded by all of her favourite things in life. Her Mum wrote on my Facebook page that Tali loved her card.
Finally, Galia was turning 21. Her Mum requested a card with a huge 21 in the middle. She also wanted it to be birthday themed, so a big cake, balloons, and a wine glass fitted the bill.


Miss Val's Creations said...

I love these personalized details. It is great seeing a young person into Buddhism. The philosophies are so important for living in today's world!