Wednesday, 20 January 2016


My youngest son just celebrated his 13th birthday. Many of you will realise that that means he will very soon be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah. There is very little talk of anything else in our house at the moment! I have lots to show you pertaining to his Bar Mitzvah, but this post is about his birthday. This years card, like last years, had to be about dogs. 
Every day he reminds us all just how much he wants a dog. He shows us pictures of them on his phone and we watch clips together from The Daily Puppy. At meal times he shuffles in his chair, "I want a dog. Let's get a dog" he says.
I think he's serious.
Gadi already has a dog walking job. He has also recently taken to visiting the local shelter weekly to take one or two dogs there out for a walk. He's too young to do it on his own though. Mister Handmade in Israel has to go with him. He doesn't seem to find it too much of a hardship.
Gadi, you make me happy, proud and a little bit crazy, all at the same time! It's been a long year of preparations but the end is nigh! Happy Birthday to my smart, creative, book-loving, scooter-crazy, and dog-mad 13 year old. Keep calm, and keep learning. You've got 11 days to go!


TexWisGirl said...

awww. happy 13th to him. and a good young man he is to care about dogs and give them love and exercise.

my niece began volunteering as a dog walker and kennel cleaner at an aminal shelter when she was 14. she's 26 now and is an assistant manager at an animal shelter and sits on the board of directors for a new shelter just starting, too. she found it was her passion. :)

Down by the sea said...

Happy Birthday to Gadi! I share his love of dogs. My daughter wanted a so dog so much when she was his age too. As our cat was ill we couldn't have one so we too took some dogs for walks and eventually ended up adopting one of them! Sarah x

Quinn said...

Happy Birthday to a fine young man! He's getting lots of experience that will make him an excellent dog-owner one day.
I always encourage animal lovers of all ages to volunteer at shelters...not only does it improve the quality of daily life for the animals, but socializing the cats and dogs also makes them likelier to be adopted. Well done, Gadi!

Miss Val's Creations said...

What a great young man Gadi is! I love that he had put his love of dogs to good use walking the dogs at the shelter. They are so in need of love and attention and that must mean so much to them!

VeggieMummy said...

Happy Birthday to your boy - what a handsome chap he is. Good luck with the Bar Mitzvah. xx