Thursday, 21 June 2018

Tehilla's Album

The Beatles had "The White Album". R.E.M.'s sixth album was "Green". This album, created for Tehilla's Bat Mitzvah, should definitely be known as "The Pink Album"!
The Bat Mitzvah girl knew exactly how she wanted her album to look. Her favourite colour is pink, so everything had to be that colour. It was requested that I show her wearing a dark pink dress on a lighter pink background. She wanted pink flowers in the corners of the album. It was okay to add her name and the date of her Bat Mitzvah in gold letters.
Tehilla's loves music and Zumba, so I was asked to add some music notes to the cover, and to show her holding her pink microphone as well. She goes to an after school drama class, so a stage with curtains was requested. Fortunately it didn't have to be pink! She likes chopped Israeli salad, chips, avocado and Fanta. Oh, and her dog teddy too.
Tehilla's album opens the Hebrew way, from right to left. When you read a Hebrew book you open the rightmost page and flip pages until you get to the leftmost page (just the opposite of an English book). The Hebrew writing on the cover displays her name, the words Bat Mitzvah, and the month of her Bat Mitzvah celebration.
I also decorated five pages inside the album. Each page had a pink flower on it, then, clockwise from the top left, I created a page with music notes on it, a page showing Tehilla's dog teddy, a tiny stage with red curtains representing her interest in drama, and a page with chips, chopped Israeli salad and an avocado on it. Of course there was a page with her pink microphone too.
There was rather a lot of discussion over the colour of Tehilla's green-blue eyes and blonde-brown hair, which apparently goes lighter in the sun, but we got there in the end!
"Thank you so much. She absolutely loves it and is happy with everything how it is." her mum wrote to me after receiving my sketch.
"The Pink Album" was released in June 2018 😉

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Tamar SB said...

Adorable! Love it!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

It's so cute - I hope your day was as special as your album for her.

Snap said...

Adorable and love the pup!

VeggieMummy said...

I love it all - but especially that cute little avocado! xx

Jann Olson said...

What a special book! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Kay L. Davies said...

What an interesting, comprehensive blog post! Thank you for sharing with us.
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