Sunday, 23 March 2014

Gadi's Papercut

My kids are pretty blasé about my work. I guess they're just used to seeing it. They get excited when it comes to their birthdays and wait with great anticipation to see what theme I have gone for on their card, but otherwise they're really not too bothered to look at my latest creations. Therefore, when I recently had a first attempt at papercutting, I was thrilled when my youngest son - the son who walks around listening to his Mp3, with his ipod in his other hand - was excited to see what I had made. So excited, in fact, that later the same day he piped up and asked if he could make a papercut too.
You bet he could!
Now, 11 year old boys don't do birds and flowers. They do battles and guns and skeletons and all things nasty. Well, mine does anyway! I suggested the skull and crossbones to start with and my boy was happy to go with it. The teeth proved too hard for him and I helped out, and I must admit that allowing him to use my scalpel, while I stood over him holding my breath and praying that we would both keep all our fingers, was more than scary. But he did a great job!
He drew... he cut... and then it was finished! His very first papercut.
I hope there will be more.
If anyone wishes to order a similar papercut to mine, then please be in touch using the "email me" button on the right.


Miss Val's Creations said...

Your son did an awesome job! Very cool. It is great when
a child wants to do something creative. :)

Ann Martin said...

He's inherited your genes for sure, Lisa - how great is that?!

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