Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Two Birthdays and a Bar Mitzvah

A new customer asked me to create a birthday card for her husband's big day. She requested a picture of him on the card and told me that he's into computers, that he works with diamonds, and that his phone, with Pokémon Go on it, should probably feature too.
I created his paper portrait and added a desktop computer with his company's homepage on the screen. Pokémon Go is open on his phone and there are some pretty big diamonds surrounding him!
I was delighted to receive this photo from my customer on the morning of her husband's birthday. "He loves it [the card]!" she wrote. "[He's] even wearing the same shirt." 
I replied saying that she had made my day. She replied that she loves my work and that I'd made her month!
Yonatan is still into Chelsea FC (last year I showed him wearing the team shirt on the cover of his Bar Mitzvah album). His mum asked me to create a card for his 14th birthday with Chelsea's club badge on it, a football and football net, along with the badge of Tzofim Dati'im (The Hebrew Scout Movement). She also asked me to include his age, 14, and of course a picture of Yonatan as well. I added some balloons. You can't go wrong with balloons for a birthday card.
As she often does, Mum wrote me a beautiful note on the day of Yonatan's birthday. "Thank you, Lisa, for making our birthdays special!"
Finally, this young man was Bar Mitzvah when I was visiting my Dad in the UK. Mister Handmade in Israel was able to join his celebrations and so I made sure to have a special card ready for him before I left. This is one of my favourite Bar Mitzvah card designs. It shows the tallit prayer shawl, a kippa (skullcap) and a Sefer Torah (a long scroll containing the entire text of the Five Books of Moses: the biblical books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy). On the first Sabbath of his thirteenth year the Bar Mitzvah boy is called up to read the weekly portion from the Torah. He wears the tallit and kippa whilst reading, so I included all these elements on the Bar Mitzvah card.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Ronit's Album

I made a Bar Mitzvah album for Ronit's brother Ethan last year. This summer it was Ronit's turn to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah (according to Jewish law, when Jewish boys become 13 years old they become accountable for their actions and become a Bar Mitzvah. A girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah at the age of 12). I always send an email out to my customers with a list of questions about their hobbies and interests before I start designing the cover of their album. With Ronit's album I already knew what - or should I say who - was going to be the No.1 choice for the cover! The family have a dog, a Weimaraner called Luna, and I just knew that Ronit would request a picture of her beloved Luna on the cover of her Bat Mitzvah album. I wasn't wrong!
Apart from Luna, Mum told me that Ronit loves listening to music, baking, being on her phone (don't they all?), and arts and crafts. She had chosen a colour scheme of white, silver and lilac for her Bat Mitzvah celebration, and she likes light blue as well, so I made sure to use all those colours on the album cover. Mum asked me to add her name in Hebrew and English, and to include her age, 12, and the words Bat Mitzvah as well. Lastly, the album was to open the English way (Hebrew books open from right to left).
So, I created a papercut illustration of Ronit and Luna together for the cover. Bespectacled Ronit has a cupcake in one hand. To her left are her black and silver headphones and her gold Samsung phone, and below her are some arts and crafts materials (a tube of paint, a paintbrush, paper and pencils), and another cupcake. Ronit is wearing a white T-shirt, the background box is lilac and the lettering silver – all to match the colour scheme. Two Magen David's (Star of David) in the corners of the cover match the colour scheme as well.
As well as decorating the cover of the album, I also embellished five pages inside the book. The first page was of course kept for Luna. I was careful to match the beautiful mouse-grey colour of her fur and added her red collar and silver bone shaped tag. Ronit noticed of course and Mum wrote to tell me how much she loved the collar and the little details. Next I added her headphones and some music notes, followed by a page showing some more cupcakes, along with a wooden spoon and a spatula. A hand (presumably Ronit's!) holding up her phone came next, then finally the last page was devoted to her love of arts and crafts and painting.
Ronit's Mum and Dad collected the album and were soon cooing over the paper illustration of Luna! Later mum messaged me to tell me that Ronit loved them too. "Ronit loves it!! Thank you so much!!!" she wrote.
I was happy to see that my design had also made it onto the place cards at the celebration.  Don't forget, if you are interested in a one-off piece of artwork for your party invitations, thank you cards, place cards and any other printed item required for your celebration, you can check it out and order it here.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

My customer requested a large 18th birthday card for her niece. She is studying makeup and works for the cosmetics company Bare Minerals, so I cut out some lipsticks, a brush and an eye pencil for her card, adding the logo of the company she works for too. The birthday girl is going to Amsterdam this summer, so her auntie requested more of the orange tulips that I put on her sister Emily's card. Of course I added a big number 18 as well.
My amazing sister-in-law turned 50 recently. I made this card for her big day and was able to give it to her in person since she spent a few days here in Israel prior to her significant birthday.
Finally, a lovely family friend asked me to bring her some of my "female" cards when I visited her in the UK recently. She is one of those incredible people who remembers everyone's birthdays, so I am delighted that she will be using my cards for a little while. She seemed very happy with the mix of cards I took her.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Richard and Jonny

Sleep is definitely a recurring theme on the birthday cards I make for Mister Handmade in Israel. You can see some of the other cards I have made for him herehere and here. He's really rather good at it you see and is able to fall asleep at the strangest of times. I'm not entirely sure that he has ever fallen asleep eating a bowl of cereal, whilst sitting on the sofa. I used a little artistic license on this but I like it!
I have shown Mister Handmade in Israel wearing his favourite lemon shirt and brown trousers. He is rather fond of the colour brown. He is surrounded by the cushions which are on our sofa (I took a photo of them to match the pattern) and he has taken his glasses off before drifting off to sleep. In one hand he is holding a blue handled spoon from our kitchen and, in the other, a bowl full of cereal - one of his favourite evening snacks.
I added his age to the card in big red numbers (no secrets on this blog!) and some balloons for his birthday too. Comments on my Facebook page ranged from "Oh I like that card!!" to "It's his double!"
Oh, and I made him a cake too. It was delicious!
Jonny also recently celebrated his birthday. "Can you make a card showing Jonny playing tennis with [his friend] M.?" his wife asked me. Apparently they play every week.
Always a stickler for detail, I asked what colour tennis racket he plays with and what clothes he wears when he plays. Apparently this guy likes yellow too, though his favourite shirt is more of a fluorescent yellow than the lemon that my other half favours.
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