Monday, 13 June 2011

I Love You... Arsenal

The hubbie and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last week and of course any celebration in our home requires a handmade card. I wanted to have another go at traditional papercutting and to try and put into action the skills I had learnt at the workshop back in April. My husband is a big Arsenal fan and I decided to put his favourite team's badge on the card. Of course that meant that my card ended up being a somewhat less than traditional anniversary card and not such a romantic one, but he was impressed with it all the same!
I created the design on the computer, incorporating the Arsenal badge and, to make the card a little more lovey-dovey, a little heart and the words 'I Love You', making sure that I linked all the elements in some way. I printed it out and traced the design onto white stock. Our teacher at the workshop had advised us to put an 'x' on all the parts that need to be cut out and it certainly stopped any major disasters. Let me tell you, working with one piece like this is a lot more nerve-racking than the usual way I work! One slip of the knife and your whole design is ruined.
Hubbie's team play in red shirts and, as a final measure, I decided to place the papercut onto red stock, which really made it pop. He was delighted when he opened the card and was even a little bit impressed at my beginners skills. But what really made him happy? That I was declaring my love for his favourite football team too! Whoops! Not really what I had planned....


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Happy Anniversary Lisa!! Your paper cutting skills are amazing.

Meeling said...

Very cool...great cutting!! Lol on declaring your love for Arsenal. :-D

ps...we're Manchester United fans in this house...but don't tell your hubby! ;-)

Linda B said...

Happy Anniversary, Lisa. He can think you love his team, LOL