Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Nurses Collection Part II

Remember these little sneak previews I gave you last month? Well, now I am able to reveal the rest of 'The Nurses Collection' in their full glory!
I showed you those teeny tiny bright orange painted fingernails in my preview post - now you can see who they belong to! Actually, I think that this was the first time in all my years of card making that it has been specified what colour the fingernails should be! I was also told exactly which finger the thick silver ring should be on and on which finger the gold band should be. This particular customer really pays attention to the minutest of details...
This card, above, is a thank you card. Aside from the ring and nail details, I was asked to illustrate a lady with long dark hair, specifically with gold coloured highlights, wearing a white jacket. The symbols shown alongside her are to do with occupational therapy - pegs, scissors, a knife and fork and coins. Paying huge attention to detail, my customer requested that I add a framed picture with the word 'Haiti' in the background. I do not know this particular medical worker but I sure do feel that I know a lot about the way she looks now!
Card number two is also a thank you card. The greeting in hebrew says 'Thank you with all my heart'. The lady on this card is an Orthodox Jew and it was requested that I show her wearing an orange head covering, with no hair showing at all. Apparently she always brings a lunch of cut-up vegetables along with her, so I have added that to the illustration, along with the sun, heart and the word אמונה, faith. My customer wanted the card to somehow depict love and warmth. I hope that I have achieved that in a small way.
The final card in the collection went to a grey haired lady with glasses, who wears her hair held up on one side with a black clip (here we go with the small details again!). The symbols on this card had to do with the mind and thinking. I suggested a question mark and cogs turning.This lady isn't in fact a nurse, so no white jacket was required this time. Instead I was asked to show her wearing wide trousers, similar to culottes.
I think that my customer's medical carers have all been thanked by now. I do hope that they liked their cards. But, even more than that, I hope they appreciated just how carefully my customer has paid attention to the way they look and dress and really gone into the smallest of details in order to make the cards absolutely unique to them!


Additionsstyle said...

Great cards, I love all the details, especially the orange finger nails.
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Kimberly Costa said...

These are great. I really like the last one with the cogs.

Terri said...

They are all great. I love all the different elements especially the one with the orange fingernails!