Monday, 21 November 2011

A Little Something Sweet

This young lady, illustrated above, is the same age as my eldest son and celebrates her birthday just a few days before him. Her Mum asks me to make her a card every year and this year proved no exception. In the past I have shown her reading and doing gymnastics. Mum told me that gymnastics was definitely still an important thing in her life but  asked whether this time I could also add her younger brother, sister and the family cat into the picture.
The birthday girl has long dark hair and wears a white sparkly leotard when taking part in competitions. I was specifically asked to give her big white round hoop earrings. I know the younger brother and sister well, so it was easy to create their paper portraits, and the cat - described as short haired and grey, black and white - well, he wasn't quite right, but I hope his inclusion was appreciated all the same!
Another 11 year old recently received a card of mine too. The brief for this card was simpler. I was asked for something "girly" and figured that I couldn't go far wrong with nail polish, lipstick, hearts and flowers.
This request was for someone a little older than 11! The lady in question is apparently a keen golfer, so a golf club and ball fit the bill nicely. I prettified it a little with a few flowers and popped a bright yellow sun into the sky. I hope it helped to make 'Maureen's' day.
And whilst we're on the subject of sweet things for 11 year olds, I thought I'd show you the birthday cake I made for my son's recent sleepover celebration. He asked me for an '11' cake with green icing, a football theme and lots of sweets! Do you think I got it right? He also loves my chocolate chip muffins and wanted his friends to taste them too.  A sugar-filled night was had by all!


Unknown said...

Adorable cards, Lisa, as always! Love that sparkly leotard and the hoop earrings. Too cute!

Sudha said...

Wow lovely cheerful creations Lisa n cake is so yummy.


June Houck said...

Fabulous cards and yummy treats too. What a load of eye candy here :)

Terri said...

Great cards! I especially like the little nail polish bottles. The cake and muffins look yummy too!

Unknown said...

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