Thursday, 3 November 2011

Something for the Men

I make no secret of the fact that card designs for the ladies come easier to me than designs for men. It's surprising really since I am surrounded by males in my life! Nevertheless, when a regular customer of mine gave me her card requirements for the coming month (lucky me!), most of the cards she wanted were for men. I had to bite the bullet and make a bunch of 'men' cards and actually they turned out pretty well!
My personal favourite from the collection was the card I made for a guy who drives a London Black Cab, above.  The simple graphics work well together.
I've made cards with wine bottles on them before but needed something new. This particular customer has been sending my cards - I think pretty much exclusively - for three years or more. I am constantly aware that I have to come up with something different each time! I've tried different shaped wine glasses and bottles, beer bottles and pint glasses.  A glass of red anyone?
My customer specified that the card for 'Reg', above, should be book-themed. I gave him quite a library to choose from!
I needed one more male design. You probably recognise this watering can, trowel and plants, below, from my previous post.  The sketches I drew for the customized card, recently made for a keen gardener, came in handy again. These cards are smaller than the customized ones, so I simplified the design a little, keeping the general theme. Most men like gardening, right?


Annie said...

I have the same problem thinking of "male-themed" cards! I really like the gardening card. PS yes, you CAN make your own crackers ;-)!

fabriquefantastique said...

love the graphic cab...

Terri said...

I agree it is much harder to make masculine cards. You have done a great job with all of them.

Adorebynat said...

Lisa, I'm in the same boat, surrounding by men in my life, and the nature of us being female tends to make girly things :-) You did a great job. Love them all.

Sudha said...

Wow pretty lovely creations Lisa.