Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Boys Are Back In Town

I have made a bunch of cards for boys recently. First up was a request for an 11 year old in India who visited the Taj Mahal on his birthday (lucky him!), so I was asked to feature it prominently on his card. His parents also felt that the young man had been working really hard at school and on his many school projects lately, thus a laptop with PowerPoint displayed on it and some drawing and crafting items were added. His Mum also mentioned that he loves to eat orange ice lollies all day long, so I popped one in to the birthday boy's hand. Brrr! I hope it's a little warmer where he is, since I personally wouldn't like to be eating ice lollies in the horrible weather we have today!
This 8 year old is a big Playmobil fan and also loves to draw buildings - perhaps he's a budding architect? His Mum asked me for a card along those lines but one that also had a strong birthday theme. I already know that she likes birthday cakes on cards, so a big one with blue icing was baked... er, I mean cut out, with the appropriate amount of birthday candles on it. My own boys love Playmobil too, so it was easy for me to create a paper one, with the character's stiff little arms sticking out, just like the real ones do!
I started with a card for an 11 year old and seem to be counting down in age. This hebrew card was made for a 7 year old football fan (there had to be one amongst this collection, didn't there?). This time it was Grandma who ordered the card and no particular team was mentioned, so I went with a general football theme, creating some paper boots, a ball and a big gold trophy. I hope whichever team the young man supports, that they indeed win the cup one day.
Finally, this is an old design of mine but still one that makes me smile. I just love the clown's bright red nose. The theme was left open for this card - I was simply asked for a card for a 5 year old boy - so I deemed a cheerful clown appropriate and crafted him in blues and greens.


Meeling said...

Fantastic Lisa! Always so bright and cheerful.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Such beautiful, elaborate cards. So special.

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