Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Ketubah Scroll and a Blog Award

A customer asked me for a card for a Jewish wedding. She showed me the invitation she had received but didn't necessarily want me to use it as the theme for the card and was happy for me to come up with something myself. I decided to create a card with some symbolic imagery but also matched the wedding invitation in a small way. The cream coloured card and the curvy hearts in the top left hand corner were the elements which matched the invitation.
In many Jewish weddings two candles are carried to escort the bride and groom to the wedding canopy, so I illustrated two candlesticks and a white canopy, or chuppah, on my card. The numerical value for the Hebrew word candle (nair) has the same value as the biblical phrase in Genesis "Be fruitful and multiply." The chuppah symbolises the new Jewish home that the couple create together.
Next to the candlesticks I included a Magen David (Shield of David, or as it is more commonly known, the Star of David). The Magen David is the symbol most commonly associated with Judaism today, and is supposed to represent the emblem on King David's shield.
On the right of the card you can see the Ketubah scroll. The Ketubah is a marriage contract that explains the basic material, conjugal and moral responsibilities of the husband to his wife. It is signed by the groom, as well as two witnesses, and given to the bride during the wedding ceremony. And before you all jump up and tell me how old fashioned it is that the contract is signed only by the groom, I must add that the purpose of the Ketubah is to protect the woman's rights during the marriage and in case she is divorced or widowed. Historically, the Ketubah marked a great leap forward in the thinking about the rights of women.
The last element of the design that I should explain is the silver cup. Actually two cups of wine are used in the wedding ceremony. The first cup accompanies the betrothal blessings, recited by the rabbi. After these are recited, the couple drinks from the cup. Wine, a symbol of joy in Jewish tradition, is associated with Kiddush, the sanctification prayer recited on the Sabbath and festivals. Marriage, called Kiddushin, is the sanctification of a man and woman to each other.
Moving on, I was recently bestowed with the Versatile Blogger Award by Annie of the wonderful blog Dough, Dirt & Dye. Thank you so much, Annie! It is always very nice to know that someone out there is reading and enjoying my blog possibly as much as I enjoy writing it. Annie's own blog is always a delight to visit. She is incredibly talented in the kitchen and I love reading her anecdotes and thoughts about the various happenings her life.
Receivers of the Versatile Blogger Award are asked to share seven facts about themselves, so here goes:
1) I am British-born but have lived in Israel for over 17 years.
2) I am lucky enough to have visited the Egyptian Pyramids and the Nabatean city of Petra.
3) I studied graphic design at Liverpool School of Art. Japanese tourists regularly stopped by to see the place where John Lennon studied.
4) My family and I only speak English at home, even though we live in Israel.
5) I am a vegetarian but regularly cook meat meals for my husband and sons.
6) I love spicy food but it really makes me sneeze!
7) I cannot sing in tune.

Now it is my turn to pass the award on to some of my fellow bloggers. Here's a real mix of some of my very favourites:

Now the torch is in your hands girls so, as Annie herself told me, "Go forth and be Versatile!"


Annie said...

The best part of this is the 7 facts, don't you think? Nice to learn new things about the people in our lives. BTW, I made my "pilgrimage" to Liverpool at 17 ;-).

Dough, Dirt & Dye

Ann said...

So interesting to read the symbolism of the wedding card details, Lisa. I'm sure the couple will treasure it. Thanks so much for the award - lovely to know more about you. When I was little, the place I most wanted to see was the pyramids. Now we're being warned it's too dangerous to visit Egypt - I wonder if that will change in our lifetimes.

Unknown said...

Beautiful card!
It was fun getting to know you a little better. :)

Robin said...

What a lovely card, and thanks for the tag too :).

Miss Val's Creations said...

The card is so sweet. I love the "legal" statement! Petra must have been such an amazing place to visit!

Robin said...

And here's my answers to the tag :)

Terri said...

Great wedding card. Love all the details you included. It was nice to learn more about you. Thanks for passing this award on to me too.