Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fifty, Flowers and Fairy cakes

When my Dad was here in the summer he asked me to make a special card for his neighbour who was going to be celebrating her 50th birthday. His kind neighbour often helps him with his home computer - getting him out of fixes when it all becomes a bit too much for him - so a computer had to appear somewhere on the card! A few balloons and flowers made it look a little more festive, and I popped a big silver 50 on there too, to mark the important birthday.
This card request was for a young lady who was turning 18. I had no special brief so chose to add one of my little birds to the card and a heart and flowers too. I like the colour combination on this one.
Finally, not long ago I met a fellow crafter in my hometown who has a little shop bursting with gorgeous supplies in her basement. I bought a large scalloped and circular punch from her and was excited to try it out on my cards. I added the  fairy cake design, which I have used on other cards, and thought it turned out quite nicely.
What do you think?


Additionsstyle said...

More cool cards. The colors on the card for the 18 year old are a great combination.
Everyday Inspired

Karen said...

Love the cupcake card Lisa, looks like your punches worked out really well....

Miss Val's Creations said...

These are all fabulous! Your dad has a great neighbor. We all need someone around who can fix computers. :) The cupcake is really fun!