Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Finn McMissile and the Princess

I have a friend who is a very loyal customer and orders birthday cards for her young nephew and niece in Australia every year. You can see some of the cards I have made for them in previous years here, here and here. She recently wrote to me with this years requests, attaching up-to-date photos of the kids too.
Coby was turning 5 and apparently loves the animated adventure film Cars. His favourite character in the film is the British spy car Finn McMissile but he also loves cars in general, lining them up in one big line. I'm not terribly keen on creating papercuts of animated characters but had a go for my friend - and Coby - hopefully adding a touch of my own personal style to it in the process.
Orly turned 4, loves the colours pink and purple, and princesses. Her auntie says that she is a "girly girl". Last year I made her a birthday card showing a little girl wearing a tutu and feathered wings. Apparently Orly and her Mum really loved it and so my friend asked if I could include some tulle on her skirt this time, to get the same textured effect. She likes me to include a picture of the children each time too. I showed Coby with his favourite Cars character, whilst Orly became a fairy in a pink and purple dress and wearing a gold crown.
I wonder what their most favourite things will be next year?


Miss Val's Creations said...

These are so sweet! I love how your customer receives custom made cards from you each year. They will make such fun memories for the kids to look back on each year remembering their favorite things!