Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Simply Red

This sweet boy receives one of my customised cards every birthday and this year he made a whole list of what he wanted on the card! His Mum told me that his big interest at the moment is the carpentry class he goes to. At the age of 7 he hammers, saws and knocks nails in to wood. How wonderful! He has already made a newspaper rack, a tray and lots more, so the theme of the card became 'Daniel the carpenter'. I showed him sawing wood, surrounded by the recently made tray and newspaper rack, and his tools.
His Mum told me that the card was "another great success" and that "Daniel loved it!."
I was definitely 'seeing red' when I made these cards, with the very best of intentions of course! Another customer asked me for a birthday-themed card for a man so, starting with a lovely red background as the base, I added some balloons, stars and a big slice of cake. Barrie wasn't turning 1, as the candle indicates, but hey!
This was another card, below, that was to have a simple birthday theme. This time I added some presents, music notes and a little bunting. I love bunting and would hang it all around the house if my husband agreed...
The colours weren't planned to be matching on all these cards but I like how they work together.
I love the colour red. Simply red.


Miss Val's Creations said...

These are so fun Lisa! I love that this little boy enjoys carpentry. That is an amazing skill to have at any age!

Julie S said...

I sure hope they're keeping his custom cards. What a treat to look back at them over the years. I really like the colors you've used on these.

Richard said...

Since when do you get your husband's permission before hanging stuff in the house?

Additionsstyle said...

I love red too, and your Birthday cards are awesome! The bottom one for Allyson is lovely.
Everyday Inspired

Wendy ten Hove said...

Love these! Fun and colorful! Especially the first one is really great!! I also enjoyed the photos in the post below, looks gorgeous there and so many animals!!
Hugs, Wendy