Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Baby, a Birthday and a (Foot) Ball

New baby cards are by nature quite a last minute thing. A friend was travelling to Australia and her sister gave birth to a baby girl just a few days before she was due to leave. My friend wanted to give her sister one of my cards (actually she and her older kids have quite a collection of them already!) but preferred to wait until the new baby had a name. 
Did I say last minute? It was. But I aim to please.
The card, inscribed with the new baby's name and birthdate, shows all the family, with Mum in the foreground holding baby Jordy. I added a couple of baby items, and luckily found a kind local who was willing to take the card to Tel Aviv, where my friend popped it into her bags before leaving.
She left me the sweetest message when she saw the card.
"Thanks Lisa for doing this. With all the gifts I have, I know this will be the one most appreciated by my sister."
I'm glad I worked quickly on that one.
Lauren is a writer and poet and so, when her sister asked me to create something pretty for her birthday, I knew that a notebook and pencil had to be in there. I added balloons, cake and bunting to give it a birthday theme but do hope that the birthday girl spotted the book!
Finally, another customer wrote to me to remind me that he has ordered several cards from me in the past "which all the recipients have loved". He had a friend's wedding coming up and wanted to give him one of my cards too. Could I make one? Of course I could!
The groom is an Arsenal supporter, just like the boys in my own family, whilst the bride plays the piano. They both share a love of cooking. I have shown the couple standing under the chuppah (a canopy beneath which Jewish marriage ceremonies are performed and which also symbolises the couple's first home together). The groom is wearing his Arsenal shirt and has a football tucked under his arm and a kippa (skullcap) on his head. The photo my customer sent me showed him wearing a quite specific design of glasses. I hope I got them about right. The bride is ready to do some cooking and her favoured instrument, the piano, can be seen in the background. There was a lot to include but I think everything is there.
Mazal Tov (congratulations) to all!


Miss Val's Creations said...

I love these Lisa! The baby one is adorable. That certainly is last minute having to wait to find out the baby's name! The couple card is adorable. :)