Thursday, 18 April 2013

Josh, Gaby and Tequila too!

One of my regular customers emailed me with a request for three cards. The first was a card for a friend who has moved countries. She sent me a photo of the friend and asked me to write בהצלחה, 'Good Luck', on the card, along with "We miss you".
Their friend is a very caring doctor, as well as a great handyman. Apparently he always has tools with him wherever he goes. He has a very special relationship with his dog, Tequila, and I was asked to include him, or her, in the picture too.
I have shown the doctor in his white coat, with a stethoscope around his neck. He has a spanner in one hand and some other tools nearby. In his other hand he has a Samsung Galaxy. Apparently he is quite attached to that as well.
The other requests were for Bar Mitzvah cards for my customer's twin nephews. She asked if I could put tefillin (check out my recent post here to remind yourselves what they are!) on both boys' left arms, and said that they should both be wearings caps too.
Josh, above, is apparently very sporty. He loves football and is a big Manchester United fan. He likes listening to music on his iPod and also playing games on his PlayStation, below.
Gaby is also very sporty. He favours cricket and my customer asked me to show him wearing a green Proteas shirt (The South African national cricket team are nicknamed the Proteas). I added the cricket bat in his right hand. He loves to draw too, thus the paper and pencils in the foreground, and enjoys playing with remote control cars. Both boys have "beautiful blue eyes".
The final request was to add a 13 somewhere on each card, the age that Jewish boys become Bar Mitzvah, and to write 'Mazel Tov Gaby / Josh' on their respective cards. There was a LOT to squeeze in but I think I got it just about right!


Miss Val's Creations said...

I love these Lisa! This dog is adorable. A doctor who is also a handy man? He will make someone very happy someday!

Wendy ten Hove said...

These are gorgeous! I can imagine it was a challenge to include all the details, but they look great and make these very personal cards!! Amazing how you make these happen!!!
Hugs, Wendy