Monday, 27 May 2013

Doing the Double

Remember the anniversary card from my last post? Well, what I didn't tell you - nor the couple at the time (though we laughed about it afterwards) - was that both the husband and the wife ordered cards from me! Fortunately they had quite different requests, so I was able to make the cards look very different with no overlap at all!
The husband's request came in first (good for him!). He asked whether I could design a card showing a bride and groom looking like the couple did 20 years ago.  Unfortunately he didn't send me a photo but I was able to take a reasonable guess - he had more hair and the bride wore white! He wasn't sure what the colour scheme had been at the wedding but did know that the flowers arrangements had included irises. He also wanted a 20 on the card and a heart. I came up with a sweet design which even included some teeny tiny irises, though I did learn afterwards that the scheme was gold. Oh well.
Whilst we're on the subject of wedding anniversaries, this card was created some time ago for a couple celebrating their Golden Wedding - 50 years of marriage! I went with a predominantly gold colour scheme and added a bouquet of flowers and balloons, along with a big 50 to mark the special anniversary.
Finally, we recently celebrated Shavuot, the Jewish holiday which celebrates God's handing of the Ten Commandments to Moses at Mount Sinai. Shavuot, which literally means weeks in English, is the holiday when it is customary to eat dairy meals, with cheesecake being the most popular dessert on the menu.
According to Jewish tradition, the Ten Commandments handed to Moses included laws on how to prepare meat for eating. As all their utensils were no longer “kosher” according to these new laws, the Jews on Mount Sinai ate dairy products for the first time, which according to the Ten Commandments were now permitted (previously it had been forbidden to eat produce, including milk, from a live animal).
The holiday also marked the beginning of the new agricultural season in former times and was called Hag HaKatzir, which means “The Harvest Holiday.”
As I do every year, I made my favourite cheesecake, the recipe for which you can find here. It is rather time-consuming but always worth the effort. My cheesecake disappeared at a rapid rate and so I quickly took one last picture of it before this last slice went.
I must admit that I was the guilty party though. Yum!


Julie S said...

Kudos to him for being on top of it! It's always a treat to hear the stories behind your cards.

Miss Val's Creations said...

The cards are so sweet Lisa. What a riot that the bride and groom both ordered anniversary cards from you! Any celebration that includes cheescake sounds like heaven! Your cake looks so delicious. Mmmmm.

Meeling said...

Great cards and yum on the cheesecake!! Mmmm!!

Laurie said...

What fun cards!

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