Tuesday, 4 February 2014

It's so Safta!

Not long ago a friend and regular customer asked me to make a birthday card for her Mother-in-law. She wanted me to show Safta (the Hebrew word for Grandmother) making her famous chicken soup in her big silver cooking pot. Now, it just so happens that we had eaten a Shabbat meal with these particular friends not long before and Safta was there. Making a little papercut portrait of her was pretty easy since I could remember exactly what she looked like.
My friend was so thrilled with the birthday card that she posted it on her Facebook page. "This is such an amazing card I just had to share it!" she wrote. "It's so Safta!". Another family member commented saying that it was "a brilliantly accurate card". Apparently Safta is left-handed, so I had even put the soup ladle in the correct hand.
I think they liked it.
Another local customer asked me for a card for her daughter who loves karaoke. Apparently she always uses the HOT TV remote control as her microphone, so Mum asked me to show her singing whilst using her 'mic'. The words to her favourite song are on the laptop. I was even told which part of the song to put up there! Mum also wanted to make sure that her daughter's eyes were coloured very green. Oh, and I tried to match the dark red colour dye of her hair. Really I did.
Finally, this was the result of a request for a joint birthday and new home card. I popped a sweet little red-roofed house into the foreground of the card and added some birthday stuff in the background. You can't go wrong with balloons and cake on a birthday card.


Alexis said...

All three cards turned out beautiful!

Miss Val's Creations said...

These are so fun! I love the cooking bits. Adorable!