Friday, 28 February 2014

The Young Scientist

Daniel is celebrating his birthday today! How do I know? Well, not long ago he reminded his Mum to order his birthday card! My cards have become a tradition with his family as much as they are with my own you see, and Daniel knew what he wanted on this year's card. He wanted to be shown as a scientist, with a white coat and test tubes in his pockets.
His Mum told me that Daniel likes to build models and invent things too. He also still writes his own little books. You can see a card I made for him on that theme right here. He has also been shown as a carpenter and as "Mr. Maker" in the past. Like I said, my customised cards really are a part of his family's birthday celebrations and I am thrilled about that!
I depicted Daniel exactly as he requested, wearing a white laboratory coat and with test tubes in his hands. His Mum sent me photos of just some of the models he has built, so I re-created them out of paper and added them to the card as well. Finally, a book made from several sheets of paper is lying open next to Daniel, waiting for him to add something to it!
Happy 8th birthday, Daniel. May your dream of becoming a great scientist come true!

If you would like to order a customised card for that special occasion, you can do so right here.


Traci said...

I love that story of tradition, and I love the card! The test tubes are so cute. :]

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the card - you always manage to capture the personality of the recipient perfectly!

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