Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Adi and Gabi

Adi and Gabi receive birthday cards made by me every year. Their Mum says that my cards have become an essential part of the family's birthday celebrations. Their sister gets them too, and Mum and Dad order for each other! Each year Mum's requests get more and more complicated, but I like the challenge. This year was no different.
Both young men recently finished school. They will soon be busy with university studies and army conscription (from the age of 18 every Israeli male and female is required to serve three and two years, respectively, of compulsory military service) but in the meantime they have been well occupied.
Adi has become involved with voluntary activities at our local council. His Mum asked me to show him standing outside our local City Hall, along with the Deputy Mayor and the Councillor who holds the volunteers portfolio. I pass this building every day on my way to collecting my kids from school, so am quite familiar with it, but still it took me quite some time to cut out all those little doors and windows and get the shape of the building just right. You can see the real building below.
Image: Modi'in City Hall via ModiinWebSite. 

Gabi has been busy working as a waiter in a fancy new events hall. He has been waiting on tables most evenings and, according to Mum, keeps a sharp eye on the tips that he receives. I have shown him in the black waistcoat and white Grandad collar shirt that he is required to wear on the job. In one hand he is holding aloft a tray with a silver cloche and a bottle of wine on it, and in the other he has a glass with TIPS written on it in Hebrew.
Happy 18th birthday to both young men. They have a very exciting future ahead of them. I wonder what will be going on their birthday cards next year.


Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the waiter accents! The family must love holding onto your cards. It is a unique way to chronicle their lives. Nice work with the building too!

Julie S said...

Incredible cards as always!