Sunday, 2 November 2014

Kaylee's Album

Kaylee loves to sing. She is passionate about music, plays the guitar and piano, and loves to perform. Animals, swimming and watching films are also on her list of favourite things. But mainly she loves to sing.
Kaylee celebrated her Bat Mitzvah earlier in the year. My customer ordered an album as a keepsake book. The Bat Mitzvah girl's Mum said that her daughter is really into 'albums' - for writing, music and expression - and that they had many pictures from the celebration. An album was deemed a great idea!
I decided to show blue-eyed Kaylee singing, microphone in hand, on the cover. The pink, silver and creme colour scheme were the colours of her Bat Mitzvah celebration. Kaylee likes black too.
The album opens the English way (Hebrew books open from right to left) but I showed Kaylee's name in both English and Hebrew on the cover. Several pages were decorated inside the book as well. The first page illustrated her love of films and watching the television, then I created a paper guitar, hopefully just like the one she has. Kaylee loves animals. Puppies, kittens, dolphins, horses are her favourites. I put a picture of the family's dog on one page, and then a pair of frolicking dolphins on another. Finally, the last decorated page shows Kaylee swimming and having fun splashing in the water.
Kaylee's Mum loved the idea of the keepsake book and wrote that she thought it "a creative and special idea." I do love working on these albums.


Miss Val's Creations said...

Great details Lisa! I love that this will be a creative book for thoughts and more! It will certainly be a keepsake.