Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Playing the cello and learning to drive

No, you're not seeing double. I made these cards for twin boys who were turning 8 and who have the same hobbies. Last year gymnastics was their thing. This year it seems that they have moved on to judo - they both have their yellow and white belts - and playing the cello. Quite a combination! 
Their 17 year old brother also celebrated his birthday recently. He is learning to drive, so on his card I showed him holding an Israeli L-plate. The plate shares the general design of Israeli information signs in its square form and blue background. On the blue background is a white triangle pointing upwards, with the black Hebrew letter "ל" in it, from the Hebrew למידה‎ - "Learning". Ori is holding a re:bar drink, from the juice and yoghurt bar where he currently works, in his other hand. He's a clever chap too. Mum tells me that he is a whizz at maths and science, so I added some potions and some mathematical symbols. I can draw them, but I certainly don't know how to use them myself!


Richard said...

very creative

Miss Val's Creations said...

Love these! The twin cards are so fun. How cute that they play the cello. I've always loved hearing that instrument. I love the science and math details for their brother. A smart young man!