Monday, 28 March 2016

Amy's Album

Amy's Grandma requested a Batmitzvah album for her "Rock Chick" granddaughter. She loves to perform, Grandma told me, and does amateur dramatics. Purple is her favourite colour. 
I showed curly-haired Amy on the front of her album with her black guitar, which I had be sent a photograph of, and a peace sign that was specially requested by Grandma. There are a few music notes dotted around her. A Magen David (Star of David) in two corners added a Jewish element to the design.
I decorated five pages inside the album. The first page featured Amy's black guitar once again, above, then I included the logos from the musicals Annie and The Jungle Book on the next embellished pages. Amy has just had the lead in The Jungle Book, and the tables at her Batmitzvah were all names of well known musicals. Annie was her invitation. Amy likes shopping too, so I added some colourful bags to the next page, whilst the last page in her album featured a purple coloured peace sign once again. Each of these pages were embellished with music notes as well.
Grandma was kind enough to write to me when she received the album:
"Hi Lisa,
Thank you. The book arrived yesterday. It is really lovely and sure Amy will love it when she sees it.
It's been lovely working with you.
Best wishes


Miss Val's Creations said...

I bet she will love it! What a talented girl. I adored both Annie and The Jungle Book growing up.

The House with the Blue Door said...

You are so clever, I'm sure that your album will be treasured. The guitar is brilliant.
Cathy x