Wednesday, 14 December 2016

All You Need is Run

Last year Mizzie's husband requested an "Optics Miriam" theme for her birthday card. This year she had just completed her first 10K run, the Night Run Tel Aviv, so he decided that his wife's card should show her crossing the finish line. Mizzie completed the run in 1 hour 1 minute and 24 seconds. I have shown her time on the clock. The finish line is right behind her. She is wearing the grey race t­-shirt (All You Need is Run), and below that is her chest racer number.
There was a fair amount of Photoshopping required for this card, but of course it was worth it. "The card is stunning! You have excelled yourself once again!" Mizzie kindly wrote to me.
Mizzie is a twin. Several years ago she ordered a birthday card for her sister, which was a reminder for her husband to contact me! This year she was first again. She showed me a lovely photo of the sisters together and asked me to recreate it in paper. This time I added their age and some extra "bling" to the design.
A regular customer, who works at a high tech company, ordered a birthday card for her boss, below. She requested a card, which was from her and her fellow team members, showing their boss, Shlomit. She asked me to show dark-haired Shlomit (I changed the colour of her hair after these photos were taken) sitting at her desk, with her computer and two screens next to her. I was also shown the team's computer interface with the main header "Med CPU 4" and asked if I could include it in some way. My customer also wanted the phrase "MTP is Perfect" on the card. Apparently Shlomit always responds to criticism with this comment :)
Shlomit looks especially good in red, my customer told me, so of course I gave her a red shirt. I have shown her at her desk, with the two computer screens and the requested phrase and interface on each screen. As I was creating the card there was an announcement at work that Shlomit had been made a VP at the company. Her new title is VP Medical Text Processing. My customer sent me another message, "Could you add this somewhere... maybe?". A sign on Shlomit's desk proudly displaying her new title seemed the perfect solution.
"Thank you so much. It [the card] is fantastic as usual!" my customer wrote to me. "I am really excited for Shlomit's reaction on her birthday on Wednesday." I then heard from her again when she was at work. "She [Shlomit] loves it! The whole office is admiring it!"


Miss Val's Creations said...

They came out great. I love that there are stories behind each custom card. :)

Jeanna said...

Her new title is a nice touch!

Pea bea said...

Your cards are lovely. The personal touch makes them extra special. Like the title plaque on her desk, and what fun to be a twin. :)

Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

Thanks for visiting and linking. :)

likeschocolate said...

You rocked the cards again! They are perfect!

Mascha said...

Wow, what a great lovely work you've done!
Enjoy your sunday

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