Sunday, 11 December 2016

Playing Guitar

Arieh recently turned 20. He is crazy about theatre and film, his Mum told me, and loves reading and playing the guitar too. His roots are in the USA and the UK (Dad is from the USA and Mum from the UK) and he lives here in Israel. Finally, he will soon be joining the Israeli Air Force for his compulsory military service.
I created some red stage curtains and added a black and white clapper board to illustrate Arieh's love of theatre and film. The flags, pile of books and guitar speak for themselves. I added the blue badge of the Israeli Air Force which consists of a sword, olive branch, Star of David and eagle wings (like those found at Bet-Shean excavations), and finally cut out a big yellow number 20 to mark his age.
It looks like he appreciated his birthday card!
Another customer asked me for a selection of smaller cards, two for men and two for some special ladies. The tulip design on the left is one I created some years ago and still enjoy making. A folded shirt and tie seemed just right for the men.

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Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

A perfect card for a guitar loving boy

Sara - Villa Emilia said...

Another beautiful and inspiring post, Lisa!
All the cards are really lovely and very inventive.
Have a great week ahead!

krishna said...

The guitar is looking just awesome... it is so perfect...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are re very talented! It would certainly be a pleasure to get one of these lovely cards and they would definitely be 'keepers'.

Anonymous said...

Something went wrong with my comment... so here it is again. Amazing how how did the strings of the guitar -and so straight! Excellent job, Lisa and your involvement at ALL SEASONS is greatly appreciated!

Also was reading your son's making of the placemat (it came up under: You might also like ...) Great for kids to follow an artist with a specific approach!
By the way, this week am showing the big 9 x 7 painting of The Cloud in the post "Before Winter Really Sets In."
Have a beautiful week!

Aritha said...

Guitar love! Beautiful card!

NCSue said...

Love your creativity!
Thanks for sharing at