Thursday, 22 January 2009

She made my day!

The friend who received my Japanese themed card for her 40th birthday, recently asked me to create a card for her daughter's 9th birthday. The birthday girl is very keen on jazz dancing, and has just been preparing for a show, so it was decided that that was the theme I should go with. Being a Mum to two boys who have no interest whatsoever in dancing of any sort, my first step was to go to Google and find out just exactly what jazz dancing is! I knew that the girl should be shown in leggings and a t-shirt, but that was about all.
Fast forward a few days and the telephone rings as I return home from collecting my boys from school. The birthday girl is on the other end and is calling to thank me for making her such a nice card and to tell me how much she loves it! How lovely! I am thrilled to receive such delightful feedback, especially from a nine year old who has lots of other things on her mind on her birthday. She really made my day!Tomorrow is my nephew's 16th birthday and, although we live far away and don't see him often, I know that he is a bit of a table tennis champion. A simple table tennis card from his Auntie was thought up, and I hope has arrived in time for his big day, along with a present of course!
Happy Birthday!


Sinje Ollen said...

what a lovely card! I can't wait til my daughter gets a little older... :-)

LizzieJane said...

Beautiful card, isn't it lovely to get such wonderful feedback, it really makes it so special.

Laurie said...

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