Thursday, 28 November 2013

40, 50, 80... Coming, Ready or Not

Dan turned 40 and his wife asked me to create a special card for his big day. She wanted me to show him running - he's a very sporty guy - but also wanted to somehow include his love for Israel, football and, erm, licorice! Dan also enjoys going on tiyulim (hikes) and he apparently drinks lots of water and hot drinks.
I have shown Dan running, with his favourite mug of tea in one hand and his preferred brand of bottled water in the other. He has some licorice in his shirt pocket. The trees in the background suggest that he is outside, perhaps on a hike. I added the flag of Israel and a football and even managed to fit in the number 40 as well. The greeting on the front of the card, "World's Greatest Abba", simply means "World's Greatest Dad". In this case Abba is the Hebrew word for Dad, rather than the world famous Swedish pop group!
Both Dan and his wife told me several times how much they loved the card. It was clearly a big hit!
This card was a simple request for something pretty for a darling daughter. I've made something like this before and enjoyed creating the modern flower shapes, so I did something similar in a different colour scheme.
Mike was celebrating his 50th birthday. He's into guns in a big way but his wife and I agreed that it was perhaps not the greatest theme for a birthday card! I suggested a cake and some balloons instead but added a gun anyway, just for the heck of it! I wonder if Mike spotted it.
Finally, my Mother-in-law recently celebrated her 80th birthday. Unfortunately we could not be with her for the big day, though we of course saw her pretty recently, along with the rest of the family, for my son's Bar Mitzvah celebrations. I got organised before our big event and gave this pretty card, decorated with colourfully wrapped presents and butterflies, to my father-in-law. I hope he remembered to give it to her on the day!


Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the 40 card. What a riot how you captured his mug! It looks just like him too. :)