Monday, 25 November 2013

Capturing the Moment

Last year I made my husband's all-time favourite card. A customer sent me a photograph of her friends who were newly engaged and asked me to recreate the photograph in paper. So I did. And it came out really well.
This year the brother of the guy on the first card got engaged and so another card was requested along the same lines.
The photo I was sent this time showed the new couple holding hands, standing by a pool of water. The colours were lovely and the image a strong one to work with. I did not attempt to copy every reed in the water but rather tried to give an impression of all the plants and their reflections. I dressed the couple exactly as they are in the photograph.
On the front of the card my customer wanted the short and sweet greeting 'Rafi ♥ Maggie'.
A couple of weeks after I mailed the card I received a lovely thank you message. "It [the card] came out really nicely" my customer wrote. "It was much appreciated by the young couple. You managed to capture the moment beautifully!".


Miss Val's Creations said...

This came out so beautifully! I love how you interpreted the reeds with just some random pieces.

Anastasia said...

well done - looks fantastic!

Lovely World said...

Hello from Massachusetts! So nice to read your comment this week. Yes, this is a big week here in the U.S. with holidays combined. One sure thing is that we will come out very well fed! Mazel Tov on your son becoming bar mitzvah! We have children the same age, as my daughter had her bat mitzvah just this past May. It was so meaningful, and I was so proud. Your son is lucky to have all the handmade reminders as keepsakes!