Monday, 11 November 2013

Nadav's Album

There's more to show you from my son's Bar Mitzvah celebrations. I made him a guest book so that our guests could leave him a message or give him some good advice. Almost everyone stopped to write something and those who didn't, well you can still drop by and do so! After the party it was a lovely way to end the night reading what everyone had to say.
Once again I showed Nadav in his favourite football team's shirt and with his tallit draped over his shoulders. In fact the design of the cover matched his invitation completely. On the first page I pasted the actual invitation so that he will remember where and when it all took place in years to come! I added a football, some books and a Star of David to represent his favourite sport, his love of reading and of his faith.
The inside pages of this guest book were a little different to my usual design. Each double page had a photo of my son on it, starting from when he was a baby and ending with the way he looks today. I then embellished each photo with a little papercut image representing the things he loves. There were footballs, rollersurfers, books, math symbols and tennis rackets. I also added some religious symbols and included a Sefer Torah (a Torah Scroll containing The Five Books of Moses handwritten on parchment) and more Stars of David.
Our guests seemed to enjoy the photos and my son is thrilled with the thoughtful messages they left him. This special book will always be a lovely reminder of his Bar Mitzvah and the people who made it so special for him.
These two photos by Fly on the Wall Life Photography.


Sudha said...

Oh wow..this is so cool. I love this.


fabriquefantastique said...

well done Lisa.I expect you and Nadav are feeling proud of yourselves.

Meeling said...

What a great gift for him to cherish later as he gets older. Great job!

Denise Kiggan said...

It's been so lovely to be a part of this very special occasion for your son. How lovely that his own mom's talent has been used for such a significant momento.