Friday, 6 June 2014

Breaking Bad

There was a steep learning curve ahead for me when a friend and loyal customer asked me to make a Breaking Bad-themed card for her husband's recent birthday. I have never seen the television series - though I have at least heard of it - and so I had some research to do when my friend started talking about Walter White, blue crystals and dark sunglasses.
To be honest I am not so much wiser even now. I do now know what Walter looks like and I understand the significance of the numbers above the 'H' and the 'Bi' (they're from the periodic table of chemical elements) but any real understanding will, I guess, have to wait till I watch the series for myself.
I do know that my customer and her husband were thrilled with the card I came up with. It shows the aforementioned Walter White, surrounded by the birthday boy's family. His wife is to Walter's right and on the left are his three kids and, ahem, a few pieces of blue meth crystals. I hasten to add that there is no connection here whatsoever between this family and drugs! They just like the show!
This particular card has provoked more interest than almost everything I have created recently. Both my customer and her husband posted it on their Facebook pages and I have received WhatsApp and Facebook messages galore from people telling me how much they like it.
I think I'd better watch the show.


Miss Val's Creations said...

This is great Lisa! Jim and I were both fans of Breaking Bad. The meth pieces are a fun touch! Walter White was quite the character. He was someone you felt bad for and understood towards them beginning of the series. Then he just gets worse and worse! LOL