Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Beautiful Game

Well, it is World Cup time, so why not write a blog post that is football related? Okay, I know that my posts often are - I live in a football-obsessed home - but none of these cards were made for members of my own family. They were created for other people who are passionate about The Beautiful Game.
The "Best Dad in the World", above, is rather fond of West Ham United. So fond, in fact, that his wife asked me to put a picture of him wearing his favourite team's shirt on his birthday card. I noticed on Facebook that his birthday cake had the team's badge on it too. He must be keen.
This Hebrew card was made for an Israeli who is passionate about Manchester United. I've just read that the club's international fanbase is a mind-boggling 659 million! Football is huge here in Israel - with basketball coming a very close second - so it was really no surprise to be asked to make a Manchester United card, even if the boy's Grandma originally comes from Leeds!
Finally, this Bar Mitzvah card was made for a young man who loves baseball. Okay, so it's not football, but it's still a sport that involves pitches! His favourite team are The New York Mets, who play in blue and orange, and my customer told me that the Bar Mitzvah celebrations were to be Mets-themed.


Miss Val's Creations said...

Fun sports themed cards! For some reason, football never became too popular in the US. A radio station was joking how many of the players here are not even American! I don't really know since I don't follow it. I do know who David Beckham is though. :)