Monday, 23 June 2014

Solid Gold

Most, but not all of my customers are women. Occasionally a guy pops up and orders a special card for the special person in his life. In the case of this card, the gentleman concerned wanted a customised card for his wife to mark the occasion of their Golden Wedding anniversary. His wife, he told me, was a librarian and is still a big reader. She enjoys doing crosswords and playing Sudoku and they are also keen travellers. He didn't want the message on the card to be too sentimental but I think what we came up with together was just right!
Long after the gentleman had collected his card, his daughter then called me and asked me for a special Golden Wedding card too. I was honest and said that Dad had already beaten her to it, but she was keen for me to make another one and it was easy enough for me to come up with something quite different, above.
Finally, another local couple were also celebrating their Golden Wedding. My customer sent me a photo and asked whether I could show them both on the card. I love this pose, which I copied from the photo. I think it clearly shows the great warmth felt between the man and his wife. A few gold flowers and a big 50 mark their special anniversary.


Miss Val's Creations said...

The cards are so sweet. 50 years together is amazing! My parents are getting close to that anniversary.