Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Wine and Crossword Type of Bloke

A customer wrote to tell me that her parents were soon going to be celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary. Mum is into patchwork big time, she told me, and Dad is a wine and crossword type of bloke. A card was put together combining their hobbies and, yes, I pieced together each little square of paper just like a real patchwork quilt! Apparently Mum was thrilled with it.
We were delighted to celebrate this young lady's Bat Mitzvah with her last week and had great fun dancing into the night to some great hits from the 80's! The Bat Mitzvah girl is far cooler than her Mum and Dad's friends of course and she put on a surprise Hip hop show for all her guests! No wonder Mum had asked me to make a Hip hop themed card for the occasion. Even though I am not cool and prefer dancing to Grease myself, I hope I got it about right!
I have made cards for 'Martine' many times. Mum simply asked me for something pretty on this occasion but, since I know that she is a teacher, I popped a little pile of books and a few pencils into the design, along with some more appropriately themed balloons and flowers.


Miss Val's Creations said...

More great cards Lisa! The anniversary card is so fun! The crossword puzzle must have been tricky to create. I am sure the happy couple will cherish it.