Thursday, 22 November 2012

It really looks like her!

In spite of everything that is going on here in Israel at the moment I am going to continue blogging as normal. There are plenty of wonderful writers out there who can sum up the situation far more eloquently than I am able to. I write about papercrafting and days out in Israel and that's why I think you visit this blog. Politics isn't where my talent lies. Life is going on for me in as normal a way as possible. I am still at my desk cutting away. Here are my latest cards...
Those of you on Facebook may remember me posting this photo of the little paper running shoes I was in the process of creating. Well, I added laces and this is the card they were intended for.
A customer requested a Get Well Soon and Happy Birthday card for a very dear friend. She sent me a couple of photos and told me that her friend loves running. Other than that I was left to get on with it. I was delighted to receive a really enthusiastic response from my customer when she received the card, which had the birthday greeting in English on it and the Hebrew words 'רפואה שלמה' which literally translate as "a complete recovery".
"The card for my friend, R. is just spectacular" she wrote. "It really looks like her! I can't wait for the 12th November to get it to her!".
This was followed by another e-mail.
"Lisa, just wanted to tell you I took the card you made for my friend R. to her today. She absolutely loved it! She loved seeing herself running and her running shoes and also recognised her bandanna! She was really touched, and I was so happy to have done it! Thanks again."
The same lovely lady had her 10 year old son's birthday coming up. She told me that his interests at the moment include breakdancing and beatboxing, playing the saxophone, swimming in the sea, and playing on the computer.
Well, the beat boxing was a little hard to portray - I did try playing around with the shape of his mouth but didn't like the way it looked - but otherwise I think I got everything in there!
I have shown the young man breakdancing and also, if you look closely, you can see him swimming in the sea in the background. His laptop computer is nearby, as is his saxophone and a few music notes. A big yellow number 10 finished off the card and I popped it in the same package to my customer.
Once again she was wonderfully enthusiastic about it. "The birthday card for Y. is also fantastic.... really fun!" she wrote.
It really makes my day when I receive such positive feedback!


Wendy ten Hove said...

These are soooo pretty!! I love the running shoes and the theme in that card! I can imagine that someone did recognize herself here, you always know how to capture someone.
Do hope all is well with you and that things will settle down in your country!! All the best!!
Hugs, Wendy

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great details on both Lisa! The sneakers are adorable! I hope the situation in Israel improves soon. I can not imagine what it is like with strife going on around you. I like that you keep your blog lighthearted too. That way people smile when reading your blog rather than frowning. :)