Tuesday, 6 November 2012


This morning my eldest son turned 12. Wow, time really does fly! He can't already be that big already, can he?
It seems to be a pretty good age though. He is becoming more organised, independent, and fun to be around. He's busy with school, his social arrangements, and just about everything else! I guess I should enjoy it till he turns into a grumpy teenager, right?
Birthdays aren't birthdays in our family without a special card made by Mum. My son is a child of routine and has stuck with the very same interests and hobbies for many years now. Each year I try and show him doing something different on his card. I've covered football, more football, tennis and cycling since I started writing this blog (he does like his sport!). This year it HAD to be the year of the iPod! Yes, some time ago the hubby and I caved and allowed him to spend all his pocket money and birthday money and any other money in his possession, on an iPod. It's not the best way for him to spend his days but... I have to admit he's a lot more iPod savvy than I am!
So, dressed in his favourite green Nike t-shirt and Adidas cap, he has his precious iPod in one hand and his favoured propelling pencil in the other. He's writing down his maths answers in his workbook - he's very good at maths, unlike his Mum. There's a football in the background - football had to feature somewhere on the card - and two book covers of his recent favourite reads.
My boys desperately want a dog, though the hubby and I are not quite ready to commit. There is always much discussion about which dog we would get, if we were to even get a dog! Even though my son is now a pretty tall, sporty child, for some bizarre reason he favours little fluffy dogs! Puh-lease! My husband says that I teased him by putting that cute little white dog in the corner, but hey, he can cope :)
Finally Rabbity popped in, as he does every year. Rabbity was a much loved toy for several years but no longer features in my son's life. He's still hanging in there though - literally by a thread - so I featured him on the birthday card too.
Happy Birthday to my sporty yet studious 12 year old. I hope you have a great birthday and enjoy the important year ahead, with all the forthcoming Bar Mitzvah preparations. You may be 12 and all grown up, but you're never too old for cake!


dottycookie said...

It was a huge jolt to realise this year that I no longer have small children and that soon enough they'll be teenagers with all the challenges that will bring. I 'm relieved to see that 12 year olds still enjoy glorious homemade sweetie cakes! Happy Birthday!

Julie S said...

Happy birthday to him! Great card and cool-looking cake. Sometimes people forget to talk about the wonderful things about teenagers too. It's fun to see their progression into young adulthood, independence and the ever-more interesting people they're becoming. (We've obviously had a good couple of weeks at our house...LOL).

Additionsstyle said...

What a cool card for your 12 year old. I hope that he has the most amazing birthday and that you all enjoy your day.
Everyday Inspired

Miss Val's Creations said...

What cool details! An ipod is such an important part of a child's life these days. I would have a difficult time committing to a dog too. Once the novelty wears off it will be you and your husband doing all the work! :) Happy birthday to your little man!

susana said...

Hi, you have a beautiful blog I´m you follower now, hugs from Mexico!!

Terri said...

Great card! Love all the different details you added. I bet he loved it too.