Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tiger, Tiger

I've mentioned my Dad's passion obsession for Hull City A.F.C before. It's his local football team and they've done rather well this season. So well, in fact, that they will soon be meeting Arsenal for their first FA Cup final match at Wembley. Exciting stuff, except for the fact that my husband is a die-hard Arsenal fan and the kids, well they are divided. It's going to be fun in our house on match day!
Dad celebrated his birthday last week and his card simply had to be a Hull City one. Dad's team traditionally plays in black and amber, often with a striped shirt design, hence their nickname The Tigers. I made a tiny striped scarf for his card and added a football and "Dad" in amber letters. He was very pleased with it, though unsurprisingly I wasn't the only person to send him a football themed card. 
Come on you 'Ull!
Another "Dad" also celebrated his birthday recently. This gentleman was turning 70 and his daughter wanted a special card showing him wearing his favourite black baseball cap and with a camera in his hands. George the Whippet had to be shown too and, yes, I was asked to make him a grey/blue colour.
I'm told that "Dad" loved the card. Not sure what George thought of it.


Miss Val's Creations said...

These came out great. I love the adorable whippet!